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Swedish Game Awards Gala & Expo 2016

On the 10th of June, thirteen teams gathered to exhibit their games at Gothia Science Park in Skövde before attending the glorious gala ceremony in Skövde Cultural centre where all the winners were announced.

Everything was streamed live on our YouTube channel, but just in case you happened to miss it, we made sure to save all the footage.


Swedish Game Awards 2016 Expo


Swedish Game Awards 2016 Gala


A summary the prizes that were awarded to the winners of the Swedish Game Awards:

  • Lance A Lot by Rocket Hammer was voted Gamers' Choice and given a study visit to Stugan.
  • Sam and Nicole by Sigrids Änglar was awarded Best Diversity Effort and given a cash prize of 7.000 SEK as well as two conference passes to Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.
  • Super Neon Drifter by Team Car was awarded Best Execution in Art and given a cash prize of 7.000 SEK as well as coaching from King and Rovio.
  • Cryptogram by S.Crew was awarded Best Execution in Design, Best Technical Execution and Best Execution in Narrative and given a total cash prize of 21.000 SEK as well as a visit to Might and Delight.
  • Notes of Obsession by Creaky Stairs Studios became the grand winners of Swedish Game Awards, claiming the awards for Best Execution in Audio as well as Game of the Year. Their prize includes a total cash prize of 22.000 SEK as well as accommodation and exhibition space at Indie Prize, two all-access passes to Casual Connect, exhibition space at the Invest in Games Conference and a full year in the Gothia Incubator, including education, equipment, office space and a business coach.

Congratulations again to all the winners. We recognize your remarkable efforts and hope that you will find the prizes of great value to your future as game developers!


Check out come of the photos taken from the expo, gala and after-party. You will find a link to the full album at the bottom of the post!

Photos by Sebastian Bularca.

All 190 pictures can be found here!