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K1ller Ball
It's a game based on the dodgeball game and its a 2 to 10 player FPT-game (Fist Person Thrower). The premise is that one or perhaps more balls spawns in the level and the first player, or players who gains control of the ball can now start hunting down the other player and eliminate them from the game. But be carefull, because you olny got one throw until you lose the control of the ball. And if you do lose control of the ball, you may have to run for your life. We here at Team Tomorrow believe in that only the stongest will survive, and there for, each match its a last man standing match.

NOTE: K1ller Ball is an online multiplayer FPT game, which means that, to play it one must have a Internet conection and then conect to online server provided in the game. One could choose to play by them self, but it probably would not be much fun


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ScreenshotsHere are the screenshots of the game 19:15:05