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You are on an important mission to defend your nation parks from theese sinister ducks. Herd all the ducks into a the marked zone so the air force may take care of them. Consult the in game briefing for further instructions. The game is made in #flash by #thorneye as a #webgame. Made with @supervigge as a character!


Thorneyeadmin: apelsinapa1 members total
Awarded to Best Game of the Year


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funnythis is a new comment, and its funfunfun #thorneyeapelsinapa2015-07-01 15:31:34
A new commentThis is a new comment :D Hehe, this really is newapelsinapa2015-07-01 15:19:46
FishesPut some fish in tehre mate! I love fish! AND FRIES!apelsinapa2015-06-30 13:52:32