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A Day At The Office


Awarded for handing in a concept document in the 2009 run of Swedish Game Awards.Awarded for submiting one or more in-game screenshots in the 2009 competition run of Swedish Game Awards.
The objective of the game is getting trough an ordinary day at the office while trying for a high-score in a side-scrolling shooter. The player needs to switch between playing and pretending to work in order to not get caught by the boss.

A day at the office might be called a time-based puzzle-shooter. The player has to be aware of his surrounding in order to detect different signals sent by co-workers. These signals are a sign of the boss coming. The player tries to avoid the boss and acquire as many points as possible, all during a timed round

The game will feature pre-rendered 3d graphics that draws inspiration from old-school comic books.

More screen-shots will be added in due time.


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Very funny concept, the only problem I have is that it gets boring in the long run, and there are also some severe graphical problems such as sprite displacement with flickering as result, hard to say why.AlbinEng2009-06-08 11:07:42
Klart =) Det är ju en asbra idé =) Vore kul om ni kom långt tycker jag =)Kirre2009-05-30 00:13:59
Roligt att ni gillar det! Kommer snart ladda upp spelet för allmän beskådan, pröva det gärna då!sirkarl2009-05-29 09:31:41