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The year is 2010... The alliance have lost the swedish election,and the enviromental party have risen to power. Now they have gone mad. Deploying wind power stations all over the southern part of Sweden known as Skåne, The number of wind power stations are increasing in such rapid numbers that the population is forced to leave their homes.
Now a hero has risen! Only you can stop the wind power stations. Grab your gear and start clearing, but watch out... the farmers are being paid to put up more wind power stations and will kill you on sight. Good luck! You are going to need it.

... and the critics are raving:
"How could this game ever get past concept?"
"This is a (good) example of why you shouldn't let two programmers make a game in 10 hours!!!"


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thersgoldsWe hope it does not come across as someone with Mythoclast Vex in the banner of the iron, because certainly will bloodbath. http://www.thersgolds.comwenyue2016-05-22 09:14:33
Your Viking Vote
I will go through every game and give my opinion about it. I love games, I love making games and I want to support the people making them.

Fun: 2
Innovation: 4
Graphics: 2
80-stylish: 2
Total: 2

The Good:
At least I had a little fun trying too find out how I should cut the mills down.
The Bad:
If you have to little time, why don't you make a more simple game like pong or something?!
vikingfabian2008-12-08 00:25:53
Corrected ;)Milos2008-12-07 20:43:02