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Awarded for handing in a concept document in the 2009 run of Swedish Game Awards.
With this game we take a shot at bringing the old school 2D Beat 'em Up genre (Streets of Rage, Final Fight etc.) into the 21st century through focus on two player cooperative play, tweaking old ideas and adding some new designs. We also put a lot of weight on making the game both visually and aurally appealing, with smooth animations, improved graphics, realistic sound FX and a modern, high energy soundtrack.

This game is a 2D Beat 'em Up game that focuses primarily on co-op game play, in which you and a friend have to cooperate in order to defeat the combatants in a variety of arenas.

In its final stage the game is intended for X-Box Live Arcade and/or Playstation Network and their respective communities, but the demo we are working on now is for PC only.

Link to Teaser:


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