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A Wikiped's story


To get this badge, you need to submit at least one *in-game* screenshot in Swedish Game Awards 2008.To get this badge, a game must have been submitted before the deadline on the 11th of May in Swedish Game Awards 2008.To get this badge, you must submit the Concept Document before the deadline.
A Wikiped’s Story is a post-apocalyptic co-op adventure game, starring the Wikiped Otto and his two disciples, Kali and Zaman, on a quest to find the truth about how the world ended.

The game is played by two players at the same time on one computer, each controlling his/her character with their own mouse.

By solving problems and puzzles together they help Otto find the knowledge he need to solve the mystery.

The game doesn’t have a usual save/load system in a sense; instead there is a timeline feature in the game that continuously save all actions the players do during gameplay.


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Seriously cool gameI'm so looking forward to playing this game it looks freakin' awesome. Good luck you guys :)KoFish2009-02-23 20:21:54
Another secretive project!I stand corrected! You guys are the most secretive team in SGA08, not even a single pic on any one of you. A lot of times people people hesitate to show pictures of their games if they aren't "good" enough, but are more than willing to show off their beautiful faces. SHOW ME THE MONEY! Drdunkel2008-02-12 08:34:23