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Justus Thorvaldsson Justus Thorv... 4 posts

This weekend we put 2 of 5 important patches to our game entry TINR into the Alpha version. The idea is when we made all 5 where a tutorial is one of the points we want to give the project a proper Beta status label and let players play it. It will be an open beta for everyone who wants to join. I would though like some testers that report their impression of the game to us and platform compatibility.
Add a post here if you like to join, it is about two weeks to open beta as we make patches during the weekends only.

Albin Engström Albin Engström 42 posts

I’m always up for some beta testing, just don’t expect me to sugarcoat my punches. :)

Justus Thorvaldsson Justus Thorv... 4 posts

We have made another huge update! So I think we are so close to beta I just want to post the web address here and let you get to the gaming but I wont because we don not have a guide yet! I will post web address and send email to those who joined for the beta testing group as soon we are done, next weekend hopefully and then the fun times just have begun.

Justus Thorvaldsson Justus Thorv... 4 posts

We changed name and we posted the beta at
It is hosted at KTH, visit and play but as we dont have any AI yet it is not a single player game.

fifacoinsooa Easyfutco fifacoinsooa... 3 posts

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