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Voices: Stefan Svebeck, Albin Engström, Karl Palmskog, Michael Molin

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Stefan Svebeck Stefan Svebeck 19 posts

Hello everyone. As you can see the forum is up and running now and we want some feedback and suggestions of what forum topics we should create.
Notice that we don’t want a zillion forums that will have 1-2 posts in them. We shall try to have as few and active forums as possible.
We have a few forums that has already been discussed and that we feel necessary.
Team Recruitment Forum
Here you can shout for other team members and post vacant positions in your team.
Project Forum
Here you can post news, updates, code and general info about your project.
Thank you for giving us some user feedback on this.
//Stefan Svebeck

Michael Molin Michael Molin 5 posts

Perhaps a concept forum for discussing game and design concepts

Stefan Svebeck Stefan Svebeck 19 posts

I put my vote on that too since I am an artist :-)

Albin Engström Albin Engström 42 posts

I think a sub forum for programming, game design and graphics/sound would be a good idea (separate forums), and an off-topic forum so the other forums won’t get soiled with off topic threads…
Edit: or is this general forum the off topic forum?
Edit2: Btw, not being able to use enter is annoying :P.

Karl Palmskog Karl Palmskog 21 posts

I would like for new forums to grow organically, i.e., when enough threads are started around a particular topic (such as game design or concept art), we will move all those threads to a new forum. This means that the “General” forum can include off-topic stuff until we find it to be enough of a nuisance to create a new forum.