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The idea of Sightlence is to play around with the concept of accessibility in games by taking complete deafblindness as an initial player assumption, while requiring nothing more than Xbox 360 gamepads to play. Since Sightlence has a new type of user interface it seemed appropriate to draw its inspiration from the very first computer games, to connect the new with the history that preceded it. It attempts to give a reexprience of one of the first kind of competitive multiplayer games, namely the tennis/table tennis sport simulator genre. Sightlence provides a new gameplay experience that is entirely based on haptics. Hopefully this shows that much can be accomplished with very little considering the primitive haptic technology built into current modern gamepads. Try it, learn it, and then challenge your friends to a game you have never not seen before. Trailer can be found at:

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Emil Boström
Mathias  Nordvall

Mathias Nordvall


Project Role: Designer, Usability, Programmer

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2010-06-11 21:20
Mathias Nordvall

I must say that I am very surprised that SGA members comment on individual contributions. It is not exactly common practice.

But regarding your question: it might be because serious game has quite fuzzy edges, or because you're not familiar with research related to psychology, or game studies. Maybe you have access to our serious game concept document since you are a SGA member. If so you can just read that, and hopefully it will answer any questions you might have. Otherwise you can just drop by tomorrow and ask them in person.

2010-06-04 14:39
Albin Engström

I can't play the game but it seem interesting, I would probably be fun.

I can't say I understand how this qualifies as a serious game though.

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