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Haven & Hearth

"An old life"

Haven & Hearth

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Haven & Hearth is a folkeloreish MMORPG focused on life simulation and strategy. If you'd like to try it out in its present state of completion, just visit the website.

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Fredrik Tolf
Björn Johannessen
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2009-05-24 10:44
Björn Johannessen

We made a trailer!

2009-05-24 06:34
Fredrik Tolf

We finally made the trailer that was required for participation in SGA, and it turned out quite well, if I may say so myself.

Check it out here: <>

2009-01-22 17:25
Fredrik Tolf

The reason you cannot figure out how to fight is probably because you have not learned the prerequisite skills. :)

You can peruse the automatically generated version of our skill tree that I have put at <> to figure out how to learn how to fight.

2009-01-22 16:56
Albin Engström

I see, exploring can be fun where there's something to be seen, like finding a farm someone has built is pretty cool.

Yes, a tutorial quest would be great for new players, because it's far from self explanatory, especially how to fight, which i still haven't figured out how to do.

Anyway, it seems to work great.
Keep up the good work :).

2009-01-22 16:28
Fredrik Tolf

It is very large indeed. Although it is not fully implemented, the intention is that it should be infinitely large (with more terrain being generated automatically as players progress). There is quite some more work to be done on the map generator, however; the maps should become more interesting, and we are considering adding an ocean in some direction.

While you are right that there should be a world map, you do not have to worry much about getting lost, because whenever you log in anew, your player will start by his hearth fire (or, if you have not built a hearth fire, by the Ring of Brodgar).

We appreciate very much that you took the time to actually try the game. You're the first player whom we have not recruited in person. :D

We plan on adding a quest system in a near future, which would help guiding new players, but until then, you may want to have a look at our list of some things that you can do as a player. It is located at <>.

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