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Swedish Game Awards 2016

Welcome to this year's iteration of the Swedish Game Awards!

As you will notice, we have updated the website for better stability and added coolness.

More news and information about upcoming SGA events will be posted here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages!


At Tekniska museet​ we will showcase the nominees for the Swedish Game Awards 2015.
Nominees for seven categories have now been decided, but at this event it's time to decide who will win the Gamers' Choice category! Click here to join our Facebook event!

Go to this link to see all the nominees!

Attendees will be able to vote for the nominee that they think should win at the location throughout the day. You will also be able to mingle and talk with our partners, Arrowhead Game Studios​, King​, MAG Interactive​, Sweden Game Arena​ and Autodesk​! At 19:00 we will start the stream for the Swedish Game Awards​ Gala which This will be streamed live on our YouTube Channel.
Nominees SGA'15

Here are the nominees for Swedish Game Awards 2015!

Best Execution in Art
Doki Doki Sunset
Sons of Eye Championship
Adventure on Clover Island
Best Execution in Audio
Sons of Eye Championship
Best Technical Execution
Clouds Below
Best Execution in Narrative
Adal's Vikings
Best Diversity Effort
Doki Doki Sunset
Iris & Earl
Game of the Year
Frog Climbers
Adventure on Clover Island
The Hungry Maw from Outer Space

The winner of the "Gamers' Choice" category will be decided at the SGA Expo the 16th of June.
All of the nominated games will be playable there!
Click here to attend the Facebook event!

The winners of the rest of the catagegories will be announced at the SGA Gala which you will be able to watch live on our Youtube Channel!
Click here to go to our YouTube channel!